3 Hiring Trends Every HR Managers Must Keep an Eye on

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Written by Samita Nayak

Attracting and retaining top talent has always been a challenge for most business leaders. The same became an ultimate priority when the work environment greatly transformed during the pandemic.  

Employees are re-evaluating their values and priorities the impact being Great Resignation. On the other hand, employers have to deal with the highly competitive talent marketplace.  

Many organizations have also admitted that the hiring and retention process isn’t as effective as they would want. So, let’s discuss the top three hiring trends that may help your hiring and retention process to go smoothly.  

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1. Time-to-hire 

The time to hire has drastically increased.  

Hiring managers are finding it difficult to identify and hire the best talent. On top of that, the ongoing “Great Resignation” has added to the difficulty.  

The best way to deal with this problem is by doing three things.  

  • The first thing you must do is streamline your process of hiring. You must take the help of automated tools if needed to decrease your hiring time. 
  • Take a skills-first approach instead of experience. Doing this will help reduce bias and find the right fit for the job role. 
  • Let there be open communication between candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. It will ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the selection and hiring process.   

 2. Employee Retention 

After the Great Resignation, the turnover rate went up, especially in the healthcare, construction, and education industries. A few strategies that organizations swore by to improve the retention rates were compensation, employee recognition programs, and L&D allowances. 

Organizations with higher turnover rates used compensation as their best bet for improving retention. On the other hand, employers with lower turnover rates incorporated culture programs and L&D reimbursement.  

But what should you do?  

Well, start by finding the root cause of the problem. For instance, the higher turnover may be a result of hiring the wrong candidates. So, rely on job matching technologies to make sure to find the right candidate for the job. Also, stay proactive when it comes to retention and invest in necessary tools as required. 

3. Digital Tools 

The days are long gone when employers only used digital technologies for hiring. Now, hiring teams are going for a blended approach. In this approach, they use both digital tools and in-person help.  

So, start embracing emerging technologies right away. Companies that have embraced digital tools in the past are likely to get better results than those that didn’t. Besides, it may also take the burden off of the recruiters as well as candidates.  

While implementing the blended approach, keep in mind that you do have to find the right balance for your company. To figure out if the balance is right or not, keep an eye on your organizational and hiring needs.

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