5 Best HR Strategies to Create a Sustainable Company Culture

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Written by Samita Nayak

Building a value-based, sustainable company culture is the ultimate goal of every human resource leader. To achieve it, they need to come up with some of the most effective HR strategies. These strategies should not only be in favor of the organization but also employees.  

However, many HR professionals struggle to promote a sustainable culture within the organization. It is especially true for small businesses or startups. If you too are in the same dilemma and looking for ways to overcome it, this article is all you need.  

In this article, we will share the 10 best tips to build and maintain a sustainable company culture. 

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01. Creating A Pathway to Sustainable Policies 

Today’s workspaces require increased sustainability. Therefore, HR must gather up real-time or present-date metrics and submit them to the decision makers in the organization. Doing this will help them to create a pathway for sustainable policies, which would make buy-in easier. 

02. Making Sure Your Employees Are Heard 

Most employees wish to be a part of the organization culture. They all want to contribute to what is working and what isn’t. That’s why HR must make these changes in the company culture. It will make employees feel they are heard. 

03. Having An Open-Door Policy 

As an HR, you must know the team and have a good idea about what’s happening in each department. For this, you need to completely immerse yourself in the team using an open-door policy. So, spend time with each team in your organization, attend some of the department meetings, and check in with the managers if they need any support or guidance.   

04. Setting a Direction for Company Culture 

HR must act as ambassadors of their company’s culture. They should embody the core values and try to incorporate them into the entire lifecycle of employees. This way they can set the direction and vision for employees and build a sustainable company culture. 

05. Modeling Acceptable Employee Behavior 

Building a sustainable culture in a company is all about experience and stewardship. Moreover, employees are also responsible to build and maintain the company culture. So, HR and leadership can work together to model acceptable employee behaviors and take action in case of any unalignment.    

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