5 Best Tips to Get Your Employees Interested in Wellness Programs

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Written by Samita Nayak

Employees are most productive when they are happy and healthy. Most employers are aware of this and implement extreme measures to support their employees’ well-being. However, often, the benefits go unused from these employee wellness programs. Studies also suggest that employees make use of only 10% of the benefits.  

So, how do employers get their staff interested in employee assistance programs and increase their participation rates? Here are five tips to get you started.   

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1. Create a Culture That Values Employee Wellness 

No matter how good your employee wellness programs are, they can only be successful if your company culture values employee wellness. Instead of saying they should be participative, show them by encouraging members from all management levels to participate, especially the C-suite.  

Incentivizing employees is another good way to get them interested in wellness programs. While incentivizing, make sure to do it both culturally and socially. Also, allow them to participate during work hours. 

2. Tailor the Wellness Program to Your Employees’ Needs 

While looking for an employee wellness program, start with your employees’ needs in mind. Instead of assuming what their needs might be, ask them what they want. Finally, choose a program that is flexible enough to meet their needs.  

Offering flexibility and choices in employee wellness programs will increase the chances of employee utilization. But if your programs are still going unused after that, it means that the program wasn’t designed for the best interests of your employees.  

3. Set Employee Wellbeing As KPI 

Setting employee wellbeing as KPI also helps in getting people interested in wellness programs. During team meetings, you can discuss different initiatives that employees have taken to improve their overall health and wellness. 

You can also take the initiative yourself and encourage employees to join it. Finally, reward those employees with the maximum activity, be it internally or externally. Look for similar opportunities and try sharing the importance of mental and physical health whenever you can. 

4. Encourage Employees to Share Stories 

Arrange HR sessions, where employees share their experience of attending a wellness program. Do this at least once or twice a week. It will bring awareness to those who are unaware of the programs or don’t know how to use them the right way. Moreover, it will be helpful to those who are in real need of it.  

Real stories are more convincing. So, when people hear the story of how the programs benefited someone they know, they may believe it and try using it themselves. 

5. Make the Employee Wellness Program Optional 

Let your employees have the freedom to use the wellness programs. Consider it as one of your health perks, just like the customized gym or home workouts. It will ensure that only interested candidates participate in the employee assistance programs. Besides, offering freedom sometimes motivates the team to join wellness programs.

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