5 Causes of Employee Stress and How To Prevent Its Effects

5 Causes of Employee Stress and How To Prevent Its Effects
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Written by Purvi Senapati

Employee stress is a rising concern today. Mental health is one of the biggest issues impacting the whole of society today and so workplace stress needs to be managed effectively.

According to the American Psychological Association’s (2020), annual stress in America survey, work is mentioned as one of the top sources of stress among people.

This blog explores the many factors that come into play in creating stress for employees at workplace and how organizations can better support their staff. Evaluate 5 top causes of employee stress:

1: Excess Workload

High workload and unrealistic deadlines makes individuals feel rushed, putting immense pressure on employees to finish their tasks. It’s important for leaders to delegate an adequate amount of work to their employees to avoid any possible burnout.

2: Poor Management

The relationship employees share with their direct boss plays a vital role in improving productivity and minimizing stress. Micro-managing your employees and undermining their skills can have an adverse effect on their mental health. Therefore, it’s important that you establish a healthy relationship with your employees.

3: Lack of Communication

Building efficient communication channels with your employees and creating an ideal working environment plays a major role in employee engagement. It’s essential that employees have a safe space to communicate their needs, which also contributes to greater productivity.

4: Concerns Regarding Pay and Security

Issues regarding remuneration, security and career progression are what increase employee stress the most. Organizations should understand employees needs and take necessary steps in their capacity to fulfil them. On the other hand, employees should feel safe in their work environments where they can actively seek help for any kind of workplace bullying or harassment.

5: Significant Change to Role/Business

For some change can be daunting and stressful, especially when it’s outside the control of an individual. Therefore, it’s important that employers actively support their employees through their transition and keep appreciating their efforts, big or small.


Unfortunately, chronic stress is all too common in the workplace. It is critical to recognize the common sources of employee stress so that you can make possible efforts to lower it.


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