8 Company Swags Employees Love Having

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Written by Smriti Rajan

Companies are depending on fantastic business swag more than ever in 2022 as they look for innovative methods to link their consumers and workers to their brand. In this age of social distancing, virtual work, and hybrid business models, you can promote employee motivation and greater engagement by giving them the right swags. Here are 8 cool company swags employees love having! 

1. Remote Swag Kits

In the remote work environment, onboarding new employees is challenging. New remote workers may quickly feel alienated from their coworkers and the firm as a whole without a physical office. Earplugs or headphones, chargers, screen cleaners, munchies, candles, stationery, and plants are typical kit components. To keep employees from feeling lonely, you could also provide a plush toy or toy figure for them to put on their home workstations.

2. Wellness and Fitness Accessories

Promoting employee wellness is all the more important now that the lines between work and home life are so thin. Demonstrate your commitment to wellness by offering swag aimed at making health easier to maintain for your remote teams. 

Dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, hand weights, medicine balls, stability balls, and other items are included in a set of home workout equipment. Any at-home exercise plan requires these supplies. Everything you need to get started right away is included in a bundle of branded exercise equipment.

3. Self-Care Swags

n 2022, self-care will be mainstream. Gifting top-notch, personalized things designed for relaxing, pampering, and unwinding will demonstrate to your remote workers and clients that you want them to indulge themselves. Swag products like pens, tumblers, mugs, keychains, etc. are excellent methods to show your employees that your business is concerned about their welfare. Always think about the type of swag that would benefit your workers the best. Companies now routinely give away branded drinkware including water bottles, mugs, and other items. Everybody occasionally needs a boost.  

4. Eatables

Sometimes it’s wonderful to send people goodies that aren’t designed to endure forever in the new era of WFH and virtual everything. A thoughtful snack package is one of the finest ways to show someone you care, in our opinion. The proper goodie may improve someone’s day. Giving out goods that your employees could like while working is easy with food and snack packs. The bag’s contents have to be inexpensive, simple to make, and delectable!

5. Planters

The pandemic-induced shift to remote work brought about a resurgence in indoor plants. Professionals who were compelled to work remotely tried to make their home offices feel more like an office. On several tables and bookcases, ferns, herb gardens, and succulents could be seen. These eco-friendly friends persisted in the workplace even when some employees moved back to conventional workplaces. You may enliven your staff’s workstation by purchasing branded planters. You may pot a flower or cactus so that workers can immediately enjoy the greenery, or you can add seeds so that recipients can start a plant from the beginning.

6. Bluetooth Speakers

One of the most useful corporate gift ideas is a pair of Bluetooth speakers. The speakers can connect to many different devices, including cellphones, computers, and tablets, and they are portable. These promotional items may be used by staff members for conference calls, meetings, team-building activities, or even just for listening to music while at work. Wireless speakers are a classy yet affordable present for staff members, and they will be valued for their practicality.

7. Eco-friendly Accessories

Sustainable and eco-friendly swags have replaced conventional promotional products in recent years. Gifting your staff with environmentally aware goods shows that your business cares about sustainable and eco-friendly products. It’s always a win-win to give your staff eco-friendly gear. They feel good about contributing to the cause and it helps you cut down on waste (and costs) associated with throwaway items in your workplace. 

 Stainless steel straws, reusable cutlery sets, canvas shopping bags, and recycled paper stationery are a few examples of eco-friendly products.

8. Notebooks and Planners

To take notes, keep track of work, or merely to sketch, employees need a nice notebook. These personalized swag products are fantastic since they’re helpful, useful, and enjoyable! Desk planners can also be beneficial; they are simple to use and show people how much time they spend on various activities. You can print your company’s name on the outside back of each page, and also emboss specific logos on each page. 

 Considerable varieties include the traditional hard cover, soft cover, spiral bound, and more. Additionally, you have a variety of printing options to select from, such as screen printing, embossing, foil stamping, and debossing. They are wonderful presents because they are available in so many different colors and designs. 

Go get your employees some swags!  

Good corporate swags increase employee satisfaction and enhance the working environment. In order to ensure that you and your team members receive the appreciation, you merit, purchase some high-end swag products. Company swag is a fantastic way to thank workers for their hard work and let them know how much you value them. 

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