Employee Wellness Program Trends for 2023

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Written by Samita Nayak

Employee wellness programs are a must in the workplace if you wish to retain top talent. Gone are the days when organizations used to offer healthy snacks or yoga classes by entitling them as wellness programs.  

In today’s times, employee wellness or workplace wellness means emphasizing the physical and mental health of employees. In addition to that, you also need to make these programs accessible to them no matter how they choose to work  be it onsite, hybrid or remote. 

Here are some employee wellness programs that are most likely to trend in 2023. 

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Wellness Apps 

A great way to ensure the success of your employee wellness programs is by making them easy to access for people. It means you’ll have to provide a wellness app. 

A wellness app acts as a centralized hub and allows employees to access it anytime and anywhere they like. Another advantage of using a wellness app is that it can help HRs with much administrative work. 

So, if you’re convinced enough to go for a wellness app, make sure to ask the below questions to your vendor. 

  • Is it possible to integrate the app with existing company programs or initiatives? 
  • Will the app be HIPAA compliant? 
  • Would HRs be able to customize programming? 
  • Can the app grow if new employees are added? 

Apart from this, also make sure that the app is compatible with the wearables of employees since wearable technology has been the trend for quite some time now. 

Nutrition Education 

Most employees pay very little attention to researching and learning about nutrition. They get busy with their personal and work life and hardly think about staying in their healthier versions. That’s why nutrition education is one of the important elementsthat organizations should be focusing on next. 

Healthy employees can be more productive. So, consider collaborating with nutritionists and let them take a Zoom class for employees. If possible, you can also include a nutrition app in your employee wellness programs. 

Functional Fitness 

Functional fitness is nothing but fitness training that aims to condition employees’ bodies to perform at their maximum capacity during their day-to-day activities. The main aim of functional fitness is to improve employee strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Also, it should pair with wearable technology. 

Therefore, you must look for possibilities to add functional fitness to your employee wellness programs. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to ergonomics in the office or home-work setups of your employees. If needed, educate them on how to set up a proper workstation. 

In 2023, the employee vision is more likely to be focused on achieving a happier and healthier lifestyle. As employers, your organization must help them achieve those goals if you want to assemble and retain loyal employees.

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