How Technology Has Transformed The Global HR Practices

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In the “Next Normal of Work”, it is evident that HR technology tools and policies are merging to drive efficient employee experiences.

Technology has driven transformation in the business world many times over. This impact is seen in nearly all areas of business, including human resources. With potentially groundbreaking HR technology solutions emerging, we’re seeing a tech boom that is fundamentally reshaping the way we work. 

Whether it is recruitment, communication with different stakeholders, performance measurement, or data security, technology is transforming each and every area of the HR function as we knew it.

The increase in the use of automation tools and cloud solutions is freeing up human resources from doing mundane tasks and shifting their role to strategy building and execution. Here are some major HR trends that are revolutionizing the industry. 

Analytics drive better performance management

Performance management has long been an important HR function. HR pros have driven the process, monitoring performance, collecting supervisory feedback, and facilitating regular employee reviews.

Technology has streamlined the process and eliminated a lot of unnecessary steps, but the next data-driven phase of performance management is upon us.

Improve employee engagement in a diverse workforce

Managing the generational diversity—from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z—in the workplace is a unique challenge faced by today’s HR professionals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are increasingly driving employee engagement through automated, insights-driven processes.

 One of the most useful applications of AI in human resources lies in its ability to gauge employee sentiments through data. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is leveraged to identify friction areas, human emotions, conflict resolution, and behavior trends among the workforce. 

Thus, these Industry 4.0 technologies reduce discrimination and enhance equity in a generationally diverse workforce. 

Remote work upgrades

After the pandemic, we moved out of our offices and onto our couches as work-from-home culture exploded. Signs indicate that the remote work trend will continue even if the pandemic wraps up. 

In addition to the wide range of tools already available for remote work, 2022 should see further upgrades. This means HR technology that employees and employers can access from anywhere. Not to mention, the total digitalization of processing, scheduling, and requests.

Cybersecurity for HR

HR is a function that deals with a lot of personal information. Nobody likes his private information to be on billboards, that’s pretty much exaggerated, but the point is that keeping employee privacy intact should be the topmost priority for HR professionals.

Overall business detections of malware increased 79% owing to an increase in backdoors, miners, spyware, and information stealers. Since all the work has moved online, businesses become more susceptible to cyber-attacks. This is why HR personnel need to pay more attention to data protection and take cybersecurity initiatives. 

Digital learning, training, & development

Surprisingly, the pandemic has created unprecedented opportunities for retraining and upskilling workers. Organizations started offering training modules to help employees to adjust to online-only work culture. But soon, they realized that this system could work well for more traditional training opportunities. 

Employee learning and development will be a key facet of HR technology moving forward. In short, businesses want platforms where they can share files and resources, automate workflows, and support employees pursuing professional development.

To conclude

A new year is about to begin and now is the right time to reinvent your HR strategies and follow global HR tech trends for the future. 

Half the battle of implementing HR technology will be in preparing your workforce to upgrade its tired old processes. Start soon so that your business can get up to speed in 2022.

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