How To Achieve Higher Employee Satisfaction in 2022

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Written by Aiswarya MR

Starting in 2020, the Great Resignation lead to a profound amount of competition for workers further resulting in a high number of job vacancies and lower unemployment. Research studies show that feeling disrespected, low pay and a lack of opportunities at work were the major reasons why the US witnessed the plunge last year.

The great resignation has resulted in a higher sense of self-evaluation in the employees to balance their work-life. Employers and HR leaders are emphasizing more on employees’ satisfaction and growth. Employees find contentment through advancements and growth opportunities in their job roles, motivation to improve in their careers, and a better balance between professional and personal life.

If you are looking for some of the most effective ways to improve employee satisfaction in your organization, then keep on reading. 

Pats on their backs

Everyone feels the need to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions to the organization. Even a small shoutout to the entire team regarding the employees’ achievements can make them feel valued. A pat on their backs with a few positive feedback about their contribution can make a difference. It can keep them on their toes and help them achieve more success for themselves and the organization. 

What you can do: Conduct a session with their team and arrange for a gift voucher or a coupon for the employees who have achieved a milestone can cherish. 

Assistance with career development

For the employees to see their future in the organization, it is important for them to have a structured plan for their careers. Create a software platform for them to plan their long-term career plan and add detailed information on the software. You can also have a session with the managers to establish the right roadmaps for the employees for further clarification. 

What you can do: Try to have a one-on-one conversation with the employees who have achieved a milestone to understand their hardships. This would provide clarity to those employees who need some advice or guidance with their future plans within the company. 

Physical and mental wellbeing

With the continuation of working remotely and hybrid work culture, employees might not find the right motivation to look after their mental and physical health. Planning and scheduling steps to take care of one’s own health is necessary for a healthier work environment. 

What you can do: Conduct a session with the employees emphasizing physical and mental health. You can ask a professional to give useful insights along with some inquiry forms that the employees can fill out to have a better understanding of their own state of health. 

Employee encouragement

Working 8 hours or more, 5 days a week can be really hectic and monotonous. Employees might crave to ideate something creative and out of the ordinary to keep themselves motivated. It can help them think out of the box and in turn, help the business grow and achieve its goals. Rather than sticking to the day-to-day mundane tasks, a little bit of zest can activate one’s creativity and energy to perform better.

What you can do: Have a fun workday at least every month where employees can have an engaging session to discuss newly found hobbies, talents, or anything extraordinary. This can also help employees find some time for themselves and delve into their newly found interests. 

Final thoughts

Try these effective yet simple ways to boost your workplace and achieve better employee satisfaction. You can send out feedback forms to the employees at least every quarter and ask them to be as transparent as possible for better output. This way, the organization can consider serious issues that the employees have addressed during the survey and resolve them. 

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