How To Bag A Remote Working Job

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Written by Dheeraj Kapoor

Landing a remote job is becoming increasingly competitive. Let us tell you how you can stand out as an applicant. 

Office-goers have, over the past two years, got a taste of working remotely, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. But as several businesses return to physical offices, you might find yourself wanting to move on to a company that offers remote work permanently. 

Remote and hybrid working are fast becoming common modes of work for professionals around the world. However, the competition is stiff as a record number of employees decide to quit and lookout for new opportunities. 

Hiring managers are therefore on the lookout for specific qualities in prospective employees, that let them know a new employee will perform well remotely. 

Here, we will explore how you can update your resume to stand out to recruiters hiring employees to work remotely. 

Clearly state your previous remote or hybrid jobs

The new standard a hiring manager wants to see on resumes today is if you have experience working remotely. If you’ve held a job that was fully remote or hybrid, make that designation easy to see for a recruiter scanning your resume. For better visibility, include it as a parenthetical in the same line as your job title. 

Prioritize your remote-work experience with each role

In each section of your work history, highlight bullet points that show how you have successfully worked with teammates or managers while remote.

Because several workers have worked remotely during the pandemic, you will want to stand out by showing how you may have gone above and beyond while making the transition. 

Even if you have not worked remotely in an official capacity, you can identify ways to show how you have worked with others who are not physically in the same location as you. 

Show that you are manageable from a distance

Hiring managers want to know that you have the technical and soft skills to be an effective remote worker. Make a special mention if you have experience working with any of the tech platforms mentioned in the job description, like videoconferencing systems or collaboration tools. 

If the job you are applying for calls for it, highlight previous tasks or projects where you worked well independently and collaborated seamlessly online.

Customize your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters are on a hiring spree to fill remote jobs, so make sure your LinkedIn is also up-to-date for your remote-work job search. If you’re open about your job search on the platform, you can add that you’re specifically looking for remote opportunities in your page headline.

Closing thoughts

Working remotely is rapidly becoming the new normal and a majority of companies worldwide are embracing hybrid working and working from home on a more permanent basis.

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