How To Impress Your Boss During The Time Of Appraisal

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Written by Aiswarya MR

Appraisal or a performance review time can be an overwhelming moment of truth. It is a time to gather all the details regarding your’ achievements, validating your upcoming pay raise and/or promotion. Even the slightest way for you to highlight your achievements exists, you cannot miss the opportunity. Despite feeling confident that you had a super productive year and can think of all your successfully achieved goals, you might feel a little anxious. We all get it! The time of appraisal can make us uneasy. 

Let us go through a few ways that can set you right on track:

Get to know your company’s overall performance

You might not wonder about your company’s current performance and growth rate at the time of your performance review. However, try asking your boss how well the company is progressing and also a few areas of improvement. It is not just a great way to calm yourself down but it would also showcase your commitment to your work. Your boss might get the idea that you are full-fledged looking to progress further in the company. You might also receive new insights on the company’s growth and share your brilliant ideas as well. On point, right? 

Further to this, show your interest in how keenly you would like to take on more responsibilities with respect to the new information that you have gathered during your discussion. 

Mention your key highlights

Your boss knows that you are completely aware of your year’s achievements but how would you like to present them in a successful manner? It can be challenging. The trick is to keep your achievements handy with you. Have a spreadsheet opened in front of you with all your goals and achievements mentioned with utmost detail such as numbers, percentages, graphs, or any related metrics. Starting from the day you were assigned the goal to the date of completion. This can help you stay focused and relieve your mind from the extra burden to keep pointers, remember, and then present them to your boss.  

You can also share your views on the subject knowledge that you gained while working on a particular task/project. 

Show your interest in training and development

When you are planning to build your career further in the company, you might require a few training sessions and software. During your discussion, talk to your boss about all the necessary training and the way you can help the team achieve its goals with your contribution. Further to this, you can inform your boss about any new skills that you have developed that would help you in your job. Upskilling is always a great way to step forward in your upcoming set of roles and responsibilities.

Collect positive feedback

When you know that you are doing well in your job, it never hurts to ask your colleagues to give you feedback. It helps in understanding your key strengths and areas for improvement. This way, you can share the feedback with your boss by mentioning your strengths and how you can prove to be an asset in the coming future. When it comes to negative feedback, rewind the conversation in your mind and talk to your boss about how you can improve.

Evaluate yourself

As you work on your tasks and projects every day, you are the only one who has complete control and focus on your own work. Keep a note of things that you have learned on a daily basis along with projects/tasks that went really well. Take note of the minor details as well that can help you achieve your long terms goals.

Preparing for the day of performance review or appraisal can help you ease your anxiety and nervousness. It is also a great way for your boss to understand you and your skillset and to appreciate your contributions to the company. Comment below your thoughts and ideas on how you would like to ace your performance review.

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