How to Keep Your Best Resources from Jumping Ship

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Written by Suraj jaiswal

Foster these 5 things in your organization if you want your best minds to never switch.

Today’s resources are reevaluating their career choices. Their association with an organization isn’t limited to the tangible benefits anymore. It is highly likely that your most loyal employees might be rethinking their current job roles or would have already jumped to the next organization. 

Retaining employees hasn’t been a bigger problem than now. You may give it different names, such as “the great resignation” or “the great talent swap,” but the truth is, there are areas where you are going wrong or not improving. Better working conditions, culture, empathy have a stronger impact today than bigger paychecks and job security. Today, flexibility is the keyword. You cannot have a rigid set of rules and expect great talents to comply. Unhappy employees may stay for a fat paycheck or a higher position, but if you want your best minds to never switch, you’d have to offer a lot more than that. 

By now, you might have figured out what is causing mass migration. By the end of this blog, you’ll figure out 5 ways to resolve this great problem and prevent your best resources from jumping the ship – your ship. 

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#1. Foster work-life harmony 

It’s not about work-life balance anymore. Workplaces are considered to be the storehouses of stress, burnout, and isolation. Thus, it is highly likely that your employees are simply looking elsewhere because your work culture doesn’t foster an environment that accommodates their obligations.  

Offer a flexible work environment that will allow your resources to easily balance work and family obligations, whether working in-house or remote. 

#2. Foster a culture of gratitude, appreciation

Research and reports have proved companies with an appreciative culture have lower attrition rates. For instance, if you recognized a worker recently, she/he would be hardly looking for a new opportunity at the moment. She/he might even drop the idea of switching to a different company if she/he gets the due credit for her/his work. 

Expressing gratitude and appreciation sets a tone of positivity. Slowly, this will take the shape of loyalty and motivation. 

#3. Foster rewards and recognitions

If you have an employee recognition program, great. If you don’t, adopt one right now. Simply adding a comprehensive awards and recognition program makes your employees see work from a whole new perspective. Recognition is not just another way of rewarding, but also telling your employees that the company’s leadership team is making the right decisions. 

Whether it is an achievement, anniversary, or celebrating milestones, recognize it in an inspiring way. 

#4. Foster clear communication

Constant feedback and clear communication are another logical way of expressing value. A frequent check-in between managers and team members keep everyone alert and focused. They never forget their responsibilities towards the team as well as the company overall. They will be more invested in their work and are more likely to stay committed. 

Create a system of communication that is clear, consistent, and open. 

#5. Foster DEI

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the qualities that help build an environment of psychological safety in your workplace. Recent years have seen a sharp increase in companies accepting the DEI culture and enabling a culture that doesn’t prioritize gender, color, rank, or any other bias. A culture that is bias-free will allow everyone to bring their whole self to the organization. 

Support employees and offer the platform where they can make innovative contributions rather than remaining silent because of fear or rejection. 

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