Role of People Analytics in Improving Recruiting Efficiency

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Written by Samita Nayak

With the evolution of today’s workforce, recruiting isn’t the same as before. Earlier, it was all about hiring candidates for an organization. But now, it is about finding the balance between your organizational needs, the needs of the candidate and your time.  

It’s about finding the right people who would like to stay at your organization and grow with your business which is why putting an efficient recruiting process in place is more important than ever.  This is where people analytics comes into picture. 

 To learn how people analytics can act as a valuable weapon in enhancing recruiting efficiency, continue reading. 

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What Is People Analytics?  

People analytics is the process of analyzing data to understand and enhance the people side of the business. In HR, the people data is combined with different business information to produce results that perfectly sync with the organizational objectives. 

How People Analytics Aid in Improving Recruiting Efficiency? 

People analytics improves recruiting efficiency by guiding you on whether the processes you’re implementing are working or not. It helps you to identify the issues so that you can invest your time and resources in the right place and overcome them quickly. 

Look for Hidden Recruitment Sources 

Recruiters are usually aware of popular hiring sources like online recruitment platforms, a job fair at the local university, etc. However, one of the lesser-known but efficient hiring sources is people analytics.  

By analyzing the data of your employees, you’ll have a better chance of targeting the best candidates. Some of the best hires may even come from employee referrals. 

Design Candidate Profiles Better 

Analyzing the data of top-performing employees in your organization is another way to identify the best candidates. For instance, you’ll get to know where your top performers come from, their area of excellence, years of experience they have, etc. Using this data, you can find more employees like them. 

Find the Best Talent in Your Organization 

While looking for the best candidate, companies tend to ignore their current staff. But you never know, one of your current employees might turn out to be the best for the position you’re looking for. That’s why you need to let your staff know about the openings in your organization.  

Encourage employees to look for open positions in the company and register for the ones they’re interested in. Furthermore, you can use people analytics and mine the database to look for talent or do something as easy as forwarding an email of the current openings to your employees.  

This way, people analytics can aid in finding the best candidates in your organization. 

Final Thoughts 

Take your recruitment process to the next level by combining people analytics with your HRNMS information. Using it will increase your strengths in recruiting the best talent while eliminating your weaknesses.

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