What Can Google Teach You About Employer Branding?

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Written by Samita Nayak

Employers, these days, have trouble finding talents. The traditional recruiting process isn’t attracting talented candidates anymore. So, companies have no choice but to compete for them.  

But when it comes to Google, the company doesn’t seem to have a problem with hiring the best candidates. Moreover, people are at each other’s throats for a free internship there. For some, passing even at least one recruitment stage is like getting a silver medal in the Olympics. That’s what employer branding looks like in Google. 

If you wish to know how Google does its employer branding, read ahead. 

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Why Learn Employer Branding from Google? 

Google is one of the most desirable places to work in the world. This didn’t just happen by chance or because it got lucky. It happened because Google has a tactfully planned employee branding strategy in place. The company is also renowned for its powerful employer value proposition. 

According to Beamery, the tech giant receives approximately 3 million job applications per year. Out of which, only 7,000 candidates get the job. Aside from that, other aspects such as campus-style workspace, high earnings, parental leaves, self-development opportunities, etc. attract talent.  

How to Use the Idea of Google’s Employer Branding for your business? 

Here are a few lessons from Google that are worth implementing in your employer branding strategy. 

Emphasis on Self-Development 

One of the best things about Google is that it pays a lot of attention to employees’ self-development. It uses the 70-20-10 model, where staff needs to spend 70% of the time completing the assigned tasks, 20% developing creative ideas, and 10% training. 

While most companies focus on the final results, creativity is hard to find and must be prioritized. Make sure you don’t do the same in your company. Encourage employees to share their ideas. Also, create a monthly forum where they can brainstorm and develop creative ideas that can empower your company. 

Higher Pay 

Google offers higher pay and that’s not at all surprising. In reality, it is one of the highest-paying companies in the world.  

Aside from salary, it also offers paid parental leave. It means you can get paid leave for around 18 weeks if you’re the primary earner of your home. Additionally, the future mother or father can take consultation or help with their work after the long leave.  

So, the lesson here is to offer significant pay to employees if you think they are worth it. If you don’t have the budget to provide big salaries, you’ll have to look for other ways to attract and retain talent. 

Strange but Wonderful Perks 

The strange but wonderful working culture is another thing that attracts people to Google. There’s free food, slides between floors, outdoor mini pools, futuristic bathrooms, swimming pools, and more. Some of these perks may not be standard in other countries but it is in the States.  

According to Google, employees should feel at home in the workplace as they’ll be spending most of their day there. Furthermore, giving them all the opportunities needed will improve their quality of work. So, the lesson here is to provide fun perks to your employees and make the working environment as positive as possible. 

Closing Thoughts 

These are all the employer branding strategies you can learn from Google. Try including them in your work culture and you’ll see that there will be a significant improvement in your company’s hiring process. However, another crucial element of the strategies is to stay authentic. It’s because people will notice it if you’re trying to act or stage.

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