CLB Group Introduces Innovative Employee Development and Well-Being Program

CLB Group Introduces Innovative Employee Development and Well-Being Program
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Written by Rajesh Tamada

CLB Group today announced that they are launching an innovative Program to boost their employees’ professional skills while offering the opportunity to work on their personal well-being. The new Development and Well-being Program uses roundtables and online courses in addition to voluntary counseling and subsidized wellness retreats and offers fully-funded gym memberships for all staff.

After researching the subject, CLB Group found that companies that had introduced similar programs tend to be more competitive and have more fulfilled employees.

Employee Development: At the heart of the Program is a robust development plan. CLB Group understands that investing in its workforce is not simply about improving productivity but is also about promoting a culture of constant learning.

The Program offers: Roundtables and Online Courses: A range of round table discussions and online courses aimed at equipping employees with forward-looking professional skills that will be delivered by industry experts and adapted to each individual’s career path.

Mentorships: There will be opportunities for employees to be mentored by experienced senior members of CLB Group and gain valuable insights, advice, and guidance.

Employee Wellness: In addition to promoting professional business development, the Program also tackles issues surrounding personal well-being by supporting both physical and mental health needs:

Counseling: Employees have open-door access to confidential counseling services that tackle personal and professional challenges, ensuring everyone has someone they can talk to about personal issues.

Wellness: A range of wellness courses are being offered that enhance physical and mental health and address issues concerning stress management and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Fitness: CLB Group has partnered with local gyms and is providing every employee with free membership and fitness classes to encourage an active lifestyle and improve their overall physical health.

Chris Beckett, Group CEO, shared his enthusiasm about this Program, saying, “Our employees are the backbone of our company, and their health and growth are important to us both as a business and as our friends. This initiative underlines our commitment to their overall development by actively supporting a culture of learning, health, and wellness so our colleagues have all the tools they need to succeed.”

News Source: InvestorsObserver